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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You ask, and we answer! Here are the most frequently asked questions about our Web Hosting service!

Will you suspend my account if I exceed my resources?

No, we do not suspend accounts for excessive resource usage. The hosting account management panel allows all clients to monitor their resource utilization in real time. If your website requires additional resources, our experts will notify you and provide you with a thorough analysis as well as recommendations on how to optimize your website for better resource consumption or viable upgrade alternatives.

What is cPanel for hosting?

cPanel is the industry's control panel, which lets you to manage your domains, organize your files, publish websites, create email accounts, and conduct a variety of other things. Because it simplifies website and server maintenance, cPanel is one of the most popular control panels.

Can I get a free SSL certificate?

Yes, each of our services includes the possibility to immediately install a free SSL certificate on your website.

What is an NVMe?

When your audience requests it, NVMe delivers your website content in milliseconds. NVMes are high-performance and incredibly dependable storage devices that allow your text, graphics, and files to be provided quickly to your visitors. Our NVMe hosting enables faster data transfer rates between storage devices and other hardware components, improving overall PC and server performance. Why is all of this essential to your company? Because switching to Regxa Hosting's low-cost NVMe hosting is a simple method to improve your website's speed and customer experience.

What are the restrictions?

phishing, spamming, or any kind of terrorism are not permitted on Regxa.