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Regxa Helps You Succeed

Grow your website faster by using Regxa as your foundation.

12 Datacenters

Your website can benefit from a high-performance network with quick connectivity and minimal latency thanks to our worldwide server locations.

10 Years in Business

With over ten years of expertise, the REGXA team has been proudly delivering innovative web hosting and VPS services to businesses and individuals from all over the world.

40,000+ Customers

REGXA has over 40,000 devoted customers worldwide since it began delivering innovative and highly professional services.

Service experts

Sustain the best level of service with 4.8/5 customer satisfaction based on 266+ Hostadvice reviews.

99% Uptime

We make every effort to keep your services up and operating at all times. We will credit your account if your website's uptime falls below 99% in any given month due to network difficulties.

100% NVMe

When compared to non-Nvme hosting providers, you will get up to 600% quicker access to your files and databases.

User-friendly Panel

Our control panel and dashboard are simple to use, and they are backed up by training videos and a vast knowledge library.

Ease of Payment

We accept Bitcoin, alt-coins, PayPal, bank transfers, and all major credit-debit cards.


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Web Hosting
Linux VPS
Windows VPS

EXA Mini


1 Website
1 GB Nvme Storage
0.5 Cores CPU
0.5 GB Physical Memory
AI Security & Live Malware Removal
WAF & DDoS Protection
LiteSpeed & LScache
Free Domain Name




30 Website
30 GB Nvme Storage
2 Cores CPU
2 GB Physical Memory
AI Security & Live Malware Removal
WAF & DDoS Protection
LiteSpeed & LScache
Free Domain Name


EXA Business


Unlimited Website
120 GB Nvme Storage
6 Cores CPU
6 GB Physical Memory
AI Security & Live Malware Removal
WAF & DDoS Protection
LiteSpeed & LScache
Free Domain Name



Why Choose us as your
hosting provider ?

We are with you every step of the way

Regxa is the ideal treatment for you. Our robust website hosting services will not only help you reach your overall website goals, but will also provide you the peace of mind that you are working with a trustworthy and secure website hosting platform.

24/7/365 Expert Support

The expert team is always on hand to answer your questions, get you started, and build your internet presence. You can contact us by chat or email at any time. So, day or night, rain or shine, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our expert crew is here for you.

Money Back Guarantee

You have plenty of time to try us risk-free with our Money Back Guarantee. 30 days for Shared Hosting and 7 Days for VPS


Worldwide Server Locations

REGXA offers unique locations in USA, Canada, as well as several of locations in Europe and Asia.

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Join Us Today

Come join us right now. Become a loyal REGXA customer and earn dozens of various features to achieve success.

VPS unique features

Rich Control Panel

Viewing your console VNC, rebooting, restarting, full root access to the VPS, changing your OS, firewall generating custom rules, IP management, custom RDNS, and more capabilities are available through the control panel.

Unlimited Bandwidth

On a high-speed 1Gbps connection, there is no limit to the amount of traffic that can be downloaded and uploaded between the server and the client.

60 Seconds Deploy

The instant VPS server delivery procedure begins as soon as we receive the order, with initial setup and configuration taking only 60 seconds.

Wide range of OS

Choose from a variety of Linux and Windows OS distributions. You may easily reinstall the operating system from the server control interface.

DDoS Mitigation

DDoS mitigation is required. Every VPS has DDoS Shield protection ranging from 1Gbps to 1Tbit/s.

Powerful Processing

Intel Xeon and AMD Ryzen CPUs power our servers. Each VPS has complete access to the assigned CPU core (s).

Servers Hardware

Servers constructed with cutting-edge technologies and the most efficient datacenter-class hardware for maximum performance and longevity.

KVM technology

Each VPS has its own dedicated virtualized infrastructure, which includes storage, memory, and CPU. This means you'll have higher security and consistent speed.

Web Hosting unique Features

80X Faster Than Others

Enhanced performance with Litespeed, HTTP/3, PHP8+, SSL and free CDN.

Robust Security

All hosting services are safeguarded by specific security regulations, as well as live malware removal and DDoS protection.

Unlimited Features

Use over 450+ free apps to build your website and Tons of free services with magic features are available, So Run your websites without limits.

Powered by cPanel

Our web hosting uses cPanel, a powerful hosting dashboard to manage all of your website's needs. cPanel includes Litespeed, CloudLinux, Softaculous, and more!


Free daily and weekly backups of your data to keep you safe. Peace of mind with us and 1-click Restore Tool.

Free Site Migrations

Moving from another web host? Regxa helps alleviate the stress of site migration. The added bonus is that we do this for free.

One-click WordPress

Our management panel gives you complete control over WordPress websites. You can install a new WordPress with the appropriate specifications in a single click.

Free SSL Certificates

Each website hosted with Regxa includes a free (AutoSSL) certificate by default. Our automated SSL checker applies a free SSL on the hour after you've published and gone live with your website.