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Binance VPS

It is a Virtual Private Server designed specifically for trading on the Binance cryptocurrency market

Full Root Access

IPv4 & IPv6 Included

KVM virtualization

One-click Upgrade

NVMe Storage

Firewall management

OS Reinstall and Reboot

Linux VPS
Windows VPS



1 vCPU Cores
15 GB Nvme Storage
IPv4 + IPv6
Auto DDoS Mitigation
Firewall + IP Management
Unlimited Bandwidth
1 Gbps Connection




1 vCPU Cores
25GB Nvme Storage
IPv4 + IPv6
Auto DDoS Mitigation
Firewall + IP Management
Unlimited Bandwidth
1 Gbps Connection




2 vCPU Cores
40GB Nvme Storage
IPv4 + IPv6
Auto DDoS Mitigation
Firewall + IP Management
Unlimited Bandwidth
1 Gbps Connection


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You ask, and we answer!Here are the most frequently asked questions about our Bitcoin VPS service!

What is Binance VPS?

It is, as you might expect, a Virtual Private Server tailored for trading on the Binance cryptocurrency market. Because, unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting comprises totally separated, independent virtual servers, you will have complete privacy and protection. To enable you to trade on Binance, we only provide Binance VPS solutions in areas that are not limited by the firm. You will still have access to a large number of data centers throughout the world.

Where are your servers located?

Our Binance VPS is available in data centers in countries where Binance is not prohibited. That means our Binance VPS servers are primarily based in Europe, with many data centers in the United Kingdom.

How can I connect to my Binance VPS?

All of our Binance VPS options include a free Microsoft Windows operating system. That is, the Remote Desktop Protocol is the simplest way to connect to your server and execute the Binance platform (RDP). You may connect to Binance VPS using a variety of tools, including Windows-native Remote Desktop, cross-platform TeamViewer, Linux-based Remmina, and even Chrome Remote Desktop, depending on your device.

How can I pay for a Binance VPS plan?

We are concerned with your comfort. As a result, we accept payment via a variety of ways, including BNB, allowing you to pay using the coin you use on Binance. All major credit cards, including VISA, Mastercard, and American Express, may be used to pay for your preferred Binance VPS package. You may also utilize web-based money transfer providers such as PayPal. You may, of course, pay using major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. To summarize, you can pay anyway you choose.

Is my IP shared with other VPS instances?

Obviously not. Because your Binance VPS is a completely separate and isolated server, it comes with its own dedicated, unique IP addresses. This fixed IP address is yours and yours alone, therefore you won't be blocked or denied as a result of something done by another user.

Is it safe to use Binance VPS to trade crypto?

We are pleased to respond with a resounding 'yes!' Using innovative, AI-powered security methods, we have done our best to keep your Binance VPS safe from unwanted malware or hackers. Smart DDoS protection and an even smarter Firewall secure your trading system 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while our full-isolation virtualization solution ensures that all of your activities and data stay private – available only to you. So, definitely, Binance VPS is really secure for cryptocurrency trading.