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1 vCPU Cores
15 GB Nvme Storage
IPv4 + IPv6
Auto DDoS Mitigation
Firewall + IP Management
Unlimited Bandwidth
1 Gbps Connection




1 vCPU Cores
25GB Nvme Storage
IPv4 + IPv6
Auto DDoS Mitigation
Firewall + IP Management
Unlimited Bandwidth
1 Gbps Connection




2 vCPU Cores
40GB Nvme Storage
IPv4 + IPv6
Auto DDoS Mitigation
Firewall + IP Management
Unlimited Bandwidth
1 Gbps Connection


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You ask, and we answer!Here are the most frequently asked questions about our Bitcoin VPS service!

What is a Game Server?

While single-player games may be played fully on your own PC or gaming console, multi-player games require the use of a server. The server's function is to send and receive data from each player and organize it so that everyone is playing the same game at the same time. It keeps the players in sync and, as a result, ensures that all users have a constant and stable gaming experience. A game server needs a lot of resources to achieve this, mainly bandwidth and low latency. We have enough of it in our low-cost, high-performance Gaming VPS services.

How much does a game server cost?

This is a difficult topic because it is entirely dependent on the type of game you intend to organize and the number of participants. A gaming server is primarily concerned with resources such as bandwidth, CPU, RAM, and hard drive. While source-based games such as Counter-Strike do not require much bandwidth or memory, hosting your own Minecraft server will consume around 2Mbps of bandwidth per user and a significant amount of RAM space to start. The number of people you anticipate is also significant, as more players implies greater pressure on your server's CPU. Regxa plans, thankfully, provide all you need and more; with 1Gbps connectivity, SSD storage, and multi-core CPUs, you can ensure your players have a fantastic gaming experience.

Is VPS hosting the proper option to run a game server?

Absolutely! Dedicated gaming servers are fantastic, but they may be rather pricey. They're also not very adaptable in terms of server location, resources, or pricing. A virtual private server (VPS) is a type of simulated server in which CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth can be simply and rapidly assigned and altered. You may obtain exactly what you need for the type of gaming server you want with a Gaming VPS. There's no need to pay for things you won't use. A VPS is also lot more economical, which is something you should think about carefully, especially if this is your first time setting up a gaming server.

What are the requirements for a VPS game server?

A gaming server is responsible for sending, receiving, and processing a large amount of data in a timely and effective manner. As a result, it should have an extremely low latency or ping value, high-performance characteristics capable of handling enormous volumes of data, and a big bandwidth. Bandwidth is critical since it will be shared among the players, and if you intend on hosting a resource-intensive game like Minecraft or Call of Duty, each player will consume a significant amount of bandwidth. That's why Regxa's incredible 1Gbps bandwidth, along with monster-grade features at low costs, is the best choice for any gaming server.

How to keep your gaming VPS server secure?

When you purchase one of our Gaming VPS plans, it comes pre-configured with the most recent security standards to ensure that you and your users enjoy a safe and secure gaming experience. However, there are always things you can do to improve the security of your VPS. Here are some basic actions to take to ensure your server's security: Choose a strong password; upgrade your server's operating system; optimize your firewall rules; and always retain up-to-date backups. Our Gaming VPS will protect you from viruses and hackers, so if you only follow these easy steps, you will have the safest server available.